It’s all about Momentum!

Things are looking good for Pattaya

By Dan Cheeseman (CondominiumPattaya.Com)

All in all, although only a few weeks in, it appears to have got off to a good start to the year in Pattaya with tourism already reportedly up. In terms of condo sales its very much business as usual with good sales and interest being shown.  I think the word that best describes the situation is momentum.  Things seem to be getting better and better for most businesses.

The victim that many writers fell into in Pattaya over the last few years was either delusional or just hopeful; Pattaya did suffer just as many other tourist locations across the world did because of the global recession, yet their words painted a much more positive picture. However now really does feel like that turning point and therefore the ideal time to start speculating with this cities direction.

Through my various business interests I have found the likes of City Hall, Thailand Tourism Association, Condo developers and the golf associations to be not only very hardworking but committed to making Pattaya better.  There seems a shared common goal albeit with different objectives to improving the Pattaya proposition and that will help build this momentum that we are starting to see.

With two world class sporting events being held in Pattaya over the next month in the PTT Women’s Tennis Open and the LPGA international golf event we can often forget how far the town has come already in attracting these types of events.  If you take a stroll along Jomtien beach between 21st and 29th January you can also enjoy an international windsurfing championship. It seems where ever you look there is something pretty spectacular going on.

All of this makes me believe Pattaya should be sharing its message with other popular tourist locations in Thailand, such as Samui and Phuket, and encouraging – as a group – more visitors to this wonderful city. I am talking with condominium developers in conjunction with the 17 local golf courses as we speak to make this happen. Let’s build momentum by forming these collaborative relationships for the greater good of Pattaya and all that work and enjoy living here.

At CondominiumPattaya.Com we have taken this direction of collaboration and so not only act as sales agents for all the condominium developers in town but we also take a strategic partnership approach. This has resulted in what I believe to be the most informative website that includes regular video updates on each projects progress and so help the customer make the right choice for their need. We even put a package together that saw customers buying through receive one year’s free golf membership at Burapha Golf Resort worth 50,000 baht (offer still available by the way). Now that’s what I call collaboration with the various stakeholders in town. I would urge you to take a look and contact me if you would like to explore developments in more detail (

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