How does a seller benefit from being able to have multiple listings agents?

How does a seller benefit
A seller benefits from being able to have multiple listings agents because an Agent that is affiliated with the Multiple Listings Service is able to market a seller’s home with different companies and brokers around Thailand. They can even list internationally too if your property and location appeals to foreign buyers. So the initial benefits are fairly obvious, more potential buyers will see your property on-line when you have a Multiple Listings Agent than would if it were only marketed on one web site. So having multiple listings agents can help show your property to thousands of potential buyers that you would otherwise never reach. The Multiple Listings Service saves buyers, sellers and agent’s time as its collection of databases can instantly reveal all registered properties that meet a buyers criteria. (Price, location, number of rooms, local facilities & schools etc. Brokers control the MLS system and they earn commissions from the sale of properties they listed and other properties they help to sell as a buyer’s representative.) It is highly recommended for anyone selling a property in Pattaya to market their home with a Multiple Listings Agent.

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