10 best beaches on the Eastern Seaboard – Looking at Bang Saen, Ban Amphur, Sattahip and outer areas too.

The Eastern Seaboard area of Thailand has rapidly developed over the last few decades and as a result many beaches, that were once pristine, have become polluted with washed up waste, dumped rubbish and other contaminants. It’s not all doom and gloom though, Pattaya Bay Beach and Jomtien Beach have recently attracted good hearted foreigners who have organised and promoted beach cleaning days. City Hall and other Thai companies registered companies have also got involved and there is a growing trend to keep the beaches clean for cities people and future generations to enjoy.

If you travel away from the major population areas on the Eastern Seaboard you will find truly stunning beaches. It’s easy to see then how Pattaya bay looked 50 years ago. So here are the 10 best beaches on the Eastern Seaboard, let’s hope they stay that way!

1./ Ban Amphur – Refered to by many as the best beach on mainland Pattaya, just a 20 minute drive from the city. With white sands, clear water and seaside fish restaurant. Get a massage, relax and the beach sellers will leave you alone for an hour!

2./ Hat Nang Rong and Hat Nang Ram (Sattahip, Navy School) – Natural, mostly untouched beaches both around 200 M long with pine and frangipani trees offering a little needed shade. Hammocks and footballs can be hired on these very relaxing Navy beaches, entrance is very cheap and the beaches are open at weekends and other holidays.

3./Hat Sai Kaew (Sattahip, Navy School) – Is another beautiful beach supervised by the Thai Royal Navy. Open at weekends and holidays, also tourist accommodation is available.

4./ Bang Saen – Not bad for a tropical beach. Water tends to be a bit murky, so not suitable for snorkelling or diving. Good for a relaxing day out and reading a book away from too many tourists and developments.

5./ Bang Saray – A nice sandy beach, with a variety of restaurants. Further up the bay is less developed if you like the Robison Crusoe feel to your beach experience. Mainly Thai’s come here, normally when the sun is lower in the sky after 3.30 pm… So if you want the beach to yourself, get there early.

6./ Wongamat – Many 5 Star hotels and condominiums have been constructed on Wongamat beach, North Pattaya. It a great beach for sunbathing and relaxing in style. The high rise accommodation here allows spectacular views of Pattaya Bay including, of course, stunning tropical sunsets.

7. / Cozy Beach (Pattaya, Pratumnak) – A very popular beach in particular with Russian tourists in Pattaya, the beach is very sandy and is situated in a sheltered bay beneath the Asia Hotel and Royal Cliff Hotel. Speed boat services to Koh Larn and just for fun are available here.

8./ Chanchaolao (Chantaburi) – If you like long beach walks in the morning, this is an ideal location for you. A very well kept beach with a super beach resort for an extended, relaxing vacation.  Everything is provided for the perfect holiday and the city is only a few kilometres away if you want to enjoy the sights there too.

9. / Mae Phim (Near Koh Samed, Rayong) – If you want an uncrowded, authentic Thai beach then Mae Phim could be just the ticket. With beautiful white sands and local food available, you not make it to the rather more expensive beaches on Koh Samed. There is a road very close to the beach for easy access. Mae Phim is a much cleaner beach than Jomtien or Pattaya too.

10./ Pattaya Beach – Beach road Pattaya is very busy nowadays, but is still a good beach. There are many shaded areas provided where, as a tourist, you can enjoy a massage, manicure and a fresh coconut or two whilst watching the speed boats and parasailing across the bay. This beach is very popular with the European tourist who simply doesn’t want to travel to far from the Pattaya hot spot!

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