How to increase the value of your property

Some simple and proven techniques, when employed, will enable you to increase the value of your property and even help you to sell it more quickly. Here are 10 top tips from Paradise City Properties Pattaya;


1./ Build a loft conversion – This is a tried and tested way to add value to your property back in the UK, but will it work in Thailand? If done right, the answer is yes. In the UK if a loft conversion cost you £20,000, comprising of a new bedroom with en-suite bathroom, you would expect to add £40,000 at least to the value of your home. Other considerations must be made of course if you are considering converting your loft in your Thai property. You will need to fit air-con and insulate from the heat of the tropical sun. Your profit margin may not be as big as in the UK, but it’s a project well worth looking into.


2./ Build a conservatory – Again a very popular addition to your property creating space for reading and relaxing without being plagued by mosquito’s near sunset. To construct a useable conservatory for a Thai property would be challenging and perhaps a little costly. Solar reflective glass and adequate air-conditioning units would need to be fitted in order to create a comfortable, usable space. It could add value to your property if you aim your sale at a retired foreigner who is looking for familiar European home features and facilities.


3./Aim your property at the right market – Decide who the most likely type of person/people are to market your home to. If they are young business people then convert a spare room into an office. If you have more than one spare room you could create a home fitness area too. If you are marketing your home in an area where there are many retired couples then adding such features will probably be detrimental to your sale.


4./ Paint your house – It sounds obvious, but so many people try to sell their homes with tatty and tired décor. A lick of paint, some new not expensive carpet and general cosmetic make over will add value to your home. The potential buyer is often looking for somewhere they can move into straight away.


5./ Tidy your home – Believe it or not, this will add value and saleability to your property. Get rid of the clutter, clear out the garage, loft and shed of all the things you couldn’t bring yourself to throw away, but will probably never use again! A clean, uncluttered space always looks bigger too. This will help the buyer to think that they are getting a lot of room for their money.


6./ Mirrors in the Hallway – Strategically placed mirrors will add the illusion of space. Some hallways or entrances, especially in condominiums, can be rather narrow. Mirrors on the walls, especially opposite each other, will help make the hallway feel wider than it really is. Many houses in Thailand have rather large living rooms with no hallways, so in this case if you have a small office room mirrors could help you to create a feeling of a larger room.

7./ The Kitchen – If you only concentrate on improving one room, make it the kitchen. Kitchen diners are very popular now as the kitchen is often the central meeting and working space of a home. You cook there, eat there, and watch TV there. Often the kitchen is a family meeting place and the centre of activities for parties and social events. A user friendly design, with seating, good use of light and style will help sell your home and increase its value.

8./ Bathroom make over – A tidy, well presented bathroom can indeed add value to your home. You don’t often need to replace the bathroom suite, unless it’s broken or drastically out of date, you may just have to give the room a lick of fresh paint and re-grout the tiles. The difference it makes is sure to impress.

9./ Bring the garden into the house – Windows, patio doors and indoor plants will all help to make your home feel more linked with the natural surrounding environment. If you’re aiming your sale at a retired couple that like to garden, then this is important together with a well-kept and designed garden. A working couple will have less time to attend to the garden, this can be hard work too in a tropical climate, so if you intend to sell to a younger buyer then keep the garden simple and near maintenance free, or find a reasonably priced local gardener and recommend them to your customer.

10./ Apply for Planning Permission – You may not wish to add another floor, or extend your property for your own use, but sorting out the plans and planning permission with detailed cost listings will increase the value of your property. This is because you have already taken away the headache of the approval process for structural changes to your home.



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