Pro’s & Con’s of staying in a hotel against renting a condo short term

Generally, if you rent a condo you will be required to sign a contract for a minimum term of 6 months to a year. The longer the agreement, the less the monthly rental charge tends to be. Some condos will let rooms on a short term basis, from a week to a month for example, some even have day rates, but the daily cost will be increased from the monthly rate for sure. Also when renting a condo for longer periods you will need to pay your electricity and water bills in addition to the charge for the room and you will need to clean your own room, wash the sheets and use your own towels. A cheap reasonable condo can be rented on a long term contract from 6,000 Baht per month, but if only rented for a week this might be 800-1000 Baht per night but this will include electric, water costs and maybe clean sheets!

A nice, clean hotel studio style room; not unlike a condo, can be rented from 500 Baht per night in Pattaya. This will include basic room service, sheet and towel changes and have air-conditioning! You do need to shop around to find a hotel that offers rooms at this price and you won’t find one next to the city centre, they tend to start around 800-900 Baht per night. Also you may wish to stay somewhere that offers breakfast as a part of the package too, this normally adds a few hundred baht to the deal.

So what are the benefits of staying in a hotel? Well as mentioned, breakfast is an option, your room gets cleaned daily with fresh bedding and towels too. Also if you are looking for good service in general, hotel staff are there to serve you. Condo staff tend to have a far more relaxed attitude to life and their duties than hotel staff do.

With regards to security, both the hotel and condo should be on a par with each other with security guard and CCTV, but in practice condos can be the safer choice and quieter too. This is because many long term residents live in condos and are not so likely to be partying until the early hours and bringing back bar girls and other undesirable opportunists to your door!

So if your stay is for a month or more it is well worth considering renting a condo, if you’re a 2 week millionaire who doesn’t like to wash the sheets and tidy your room, a budget hotel in the centre of town is your ideal choice!

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