How the Chinese May Impact on Golfing and Real Estate in Pattaya

How the Chinese May Impact on Golfing  and Real Estate in Pattaya

For a couple of years analysts have been predicting the increasing growth of middle classes in India and China will positively impact on tourism in Thailand, and this all appears to be coming true.

15 years ago some 500,000 Chinese tourists visited Thailand, but also this is set to change with Chinese tourist figures already some 40% up on year previous. With trends anticipating the Chinese becoming the biggest tourist group for Thailand, surpassing even the Russians.

It comes at the right time for the country as tourist figures from America and Europe continue to decline due to the financial positions these locations find themselves in. Chances are if you are reading this article you fall into this increasingly marginal group, and be aware, this looks to get smaller and smaller.

A trip to the beaches of Phuket will really bring home how quickly this revolution has happened and with the Chinese also fans of golf, Pattaya could very well be set to boom from this new tourist group.

The Chinese travel in organized groups, much in the same ways the Russians do, but legacy has shown us that this soon splinters with growing confidence from travelers to go it alone. Group travelling tends to control where tourists spend goes, but it will still bring much needed revenue into the country.

It is fascinating how quickly things to do change, and right in front of us. Pattaya was once the haven reserved for retirees from Europe and America, that certainly is not the driving force these days and that means a changing landscape, such as Hilton and Holiday Inns gracing these shores. It would have been unfathomable even going ten years back to consider the largest water park in Asia being built here in Pattaya, but that is now indeed the case.

How may this impact on Expats Golfing?

For arguments sake, 144 golfers per golf resort is the capacity they can handle on a daily basis and there are in the region of 20 golf courses within 50km of Pattaya. So the golfing capacity for Pattaya each day is 2,880 players per day. Not a massive amount when you consider one night club in Pattaya can hold double that.

There are over 1 billion people living in China so to capture even a fraction of their tourist would flood not only Pattaya but very likely the golf courses as well. We could very well find in the coming years it hard pushed to get the so-called best tee off times, and may well be squeezed on some of the better courses. I could be wrong. The spin off could mean we see more golf courses opening and this would only further enforce Pattaya as one of the golfing destinations of the world.

Maybe I am wrong, certainly if we look at the Russian tourists who are here in great numbers, they don’t play golf and so have no impact on golf courses. But, the Chinese do like golf…

…Real Estate Impact?

Of course, as the Chinese start to become more and more familiar with Pattaya many will take the next step of investing here and that should have positive implications to the property market. With condominiums available at a low entry point it could be the perfect holiday home where they could leave their golf clubs too!

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