Bricks and Mortar or Investment Funds??


Which should I invest in??

This question has been asked for many years now, I have heard the story for the last 27 years whilst working in Financial Services. What can be said is that both have their own advantages and disadvantages, we will look at some of those points in this article and continue next month with the remainder.

Property here in Thailand has like many other Countries seen it’s ups and downs, we are currently seeing a leveling out with regards new purchases, this is fuelled by the Oil price and the Russian currency depreciating by half. If like most people you see the first house you buy as a home then purchasing here in

Pattaya can been quite different depending on which location you look to buy. The City is diverse with its tourists, long stay holiday makers, ex pats and its own Thai nationals, let alone the Bangkok Investors.

So there are many items to take into consideration when buying here, there is also the financial situation and ownership issues. Currently there are many Rental opportunities with various Condo Developers, this can be one area to Invest and see an income in return? The other is buy at a knock down price, renovate and then resale for capital profit.

If you are to Balance your Investments then I would also recommend a well-Diversified Investment Portfolio, this will allow you to dip a toe into both strategies and hopefully balance the returns in ups and downs of both Markets.

We have been Investing in a broad selection of equities that have returned handsome percentages for our clients, coupled with this a balanced property portfolio and one can see a very comfortable retirement. If you are a UK Expat and have a pension back in the UK that has a small value, lets say for this instance we look at £30,000, this can now be accessed under the new Government rules called Pension Flexibility.

The Government is allowing individuals to have access to the cash balance on their pension, whilst foregoing the Annuity option that was once the rule. There are certain tax elements that have to be understood, the most simple one is that you can have access to 25% of the fund value tax free, the remaining 75% will be taxed at your marginal rate, this means that when considering taking this option, you should seek professional pension advice from someone that has been in the industry for some time and has appropriate qualifications.

The reason for mentioning this is that many people may wish to look at this option to purchase their next Investment Property. If you would like to learn more about what we can do to help, then please contact Paradise City Property who will pass on your details to us.


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