Aerial Photography

At Central Property Pattaya we like use innovative ideas to promote your property. We have the equipment to be able to produce high standard aerial photographs using the latest technology. Below are some details regarding to the technical side of this service.

  • Access to a micro-lite for greater more detailed pictures
  • Access to a petrol helicopter for taking remote photographs
  • A Canon G7 10 mega pixel camera
  • Go Pro HD video and time lapse stills camera
  • Canon 550d 18 mega pixel camera.

A new UAV project will eventually replace the helicopter. It is a drone that can be flown the same as the helicopter, but also can be position held using GPS / altitude hold system. This will give more time to select the best location to take the still shots.  The system also relays the altitude to the ground for exact height shots. The system also allows a pre programmed flight plan that is flown automatically taking pictures or video along the way.

The video will be best in still conditions and as the wind / turbulence increases the movement in the picture increases there is no way round this as anything hanging in the air moves a bit when hit by a gust before it can react and compensate. This does not affect the still shots. A gyro is fitted to stabilised the camera mount so this compensates for angle changes in the UAV while flying.

Currently under construction is a second UAV for doing FPV (first person view) this is flying wearing goggles and seeing through the camera. All projects are priced on an individual basis. Please contact us for further details.