Insurance is something that we take for granted, but do automatically in our home countries. This is often due to our culture. We are used to the stories of the CIS insurance man coming to our door to collect five pounds a week. Nowadays, we are bombarded by adverts on the television for home insurance, travel insurance, health insurance and even insurance for our pets. With the growth of the internet, taking out this insurance and indeed comparing quotes is even easier. Some might feel that that the role of the broker is now obsolete, but many people still prefer to deal with a ‘human being’ whom they can ask questions.

Strangely, when people come to Thailand they are often significantly under insured, if indeed insured at all. There are a number of possible of reasons for this. It can be due to such things as language problems, the perceived cost and not least laziness. What is strange about this is many of us come from developed countries where our infrastructure is far greater that that here in Thailand, but for some reason we feel that the risks are much smaller. When you also consider other factors such as the lack of consumer protection, accountability and sometimes just being in the wrong place at the wrong, this lack of insurance is looking like an even bigger gamble. We wouldn’t dream of purchasing a house or car in our home country without taking out insurance at the same time, so why would you do that here?

Here at Paradise City we can help you with every all your insurance needs. Having lived in the Thailand for a number of years we understand your needs and concerns. We can offer independent advice that will make your stay in Thailand a safer experience.

Health Insurance

Many people do not realise that their travel insurance may not cover their medical needs whilst in Thailand. This insurance may last for 30, 90 or 180 days without returning to your HOME country. However, with some policies are null and void if you live and work in another country.

Although healthcare in Thailand is generally quite cheap for your day to day needs, the bigger problems that sometimes occur can prove to be extremely costly. Should you be involved in a serious accident, be struck down by serious illness or if the worst happened, you were to die in Thailand could you or your family afford the bills? We offer affordable local and international insurance to cover these eventualities, giving you this piece of mind.

Home and Contents Insurance

Insuring your home is something that you would always do in your home country so why not here(400)? We are happy to pay millions of baht for our property but then leave it uninsured. If a fire was to strike your home could you afford the cost of rebuilding your beloved home? Likewise, could afford to replace, new for old, all of your processions that you have collected over the years? For a few thousand baht a year, you can insure your home and it’s contents, a small cost in comparison to having to pay for the repairs and replacements yourself. We use well established, well known Western insurance companies who will deal with claim promptly and efficiently.

Car and Motorbike Insurance

The need for insuring your car or motorbike in Thailand is arguably greater than that in your home country. Barely a day goes by when you don’t see an accident as accidents are common place here. Driving styles and driving skills are of a different standard to that what we are used to. Culturally, we can also be accused of doing something that is not our responsibility, this may be because the other driver is uninsured, or perhaps it is seen as an opportunity to get repairs done to a vehicle, or to get medical ailments treated. Something else that needs to be taken into account is the ‘Bail Bond’

that may be required if you were involved in an accident regardless of who is to blame. Should your vehicle be stolen or written off, could you afford to replace your vehicle or indeed continue with the repayments on a vehicle that you no longer own? We offer comprehensive insurance that covers these eventualities.

Business Insurance and Public Liability Insurance

Many people spend a number of years building a successful business only to leave the business uninsured. Public liability is seen as a must in our home countries but often not considered here. What would happen is someone is seriously injured on your premises and it was perceived to be your fault? Could you afford the medical bills or perhaps even support the victims family should this happen? What would happen if a fire was to hit your business, destroying all you stock and damaging your building? Without insurance, it is likely that the results would be devastating for you and your family. For a few thousand baht a year you can drastically reduce this worry.

Other Insurance

We are able to offer various other forms of insurance. This can include travel insurance, insurance for boats or pets. Should you require more details please do not hesitate to contact us.