Just hearing the word ‘investment’ is something that makes many people’s toes curl with fear. After the economic problems of the last few years many people are rightfully cautious, however the need to build or protect our futures is a great now as it has ever been. Investments do not necessarily need to be in the form of stocks and shares or indeed a typical pension. There are a number of Offshore possibilities, ranging from low risk, guaranteed return bonds and funds to high risk, potentially high return futures funds. These are done through the well known, well established companies based in Offshore Tax havens such as the Isle of Man, Guernsey or Jersey. The companies used include Generali, Friends Provident International and Royal London.


Many investors however prefer to invest in property as they feel having a physical asset, bricks and mortar so to speak is a far safer option. The most common reason for investing is to provide a secure long term investment with investment income being the next reason.


Purchasing property has always been a sound investment strategy and included in many people’s portfolios. With the current rate of Exchange for the Thai Baht, and the resurgent Thai economy and tourist markets, buying a property in Thailand is certainly an option worth considering. Good quality rental properties are currently enjoying 10% to 12% returns.


Statistics indicate that over a ten year cycle, both equity and property markets show substantial increases in value and both can be can be excellent long term investments. As with all investments, it is important that the right selection is made. Both equities and property can significantly out (or under) perform market averages. Accurate information and sound advice is essential to make the correct decision, so always speak to a Financial Advisor or Real Estate agent before proceeding.