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Terminal 21 Pattaya

Expected to be completed in early 2018, Terminal 21 Pattaya will comprise of 6 floors and is located in North Pattaya and the junction of 2nd Road and North Pattaya Road. The 7 Billion Baht shopping complex is being developed by Land and Houses, a well known residential developer. The Mall will offer high end boutique shoppingRead More


Are Short Term Lets the Future for the Pattaya Condo Market?

Over recent years we have seen a number of changes in the Pattaya property market, not least in terms of the number of short term rentals that now take place. It seems like only 3 or 4 years the ago the idea of someone renting a condo for 1 month, let alone 2 weeks wasRead More


New Inheritance Law is Passed in Thailand

It has long been mooted that there were plans to introduce inheritance tax in Thailand and these plans were finally passed in late May. The bill was comfortably passed with a 145-5 vote in favour of a threshold being set at THB100 million and a 5% tax rate charged on anything above that. This isRead More


Will the Russian Ruble Recover?

The predicting of exchange rates is something that is almost impossible to do and if we could everyone would be millionaires and therefore claims by Russia’s Finance Minister Anton Siluanov that the currency has suddenly become a “strong currency” seem a little farfetched.  OK, the currency has had the fastest growth of all currencies inRead More


What would happen if I was admitted to hospital?

Getting admitted to hospital is something that none of us like to think about and is certainly not one of the most pleasant experiences in our lives regardless of where it is. If this happens in a foreign country it can be doubly hard. In Thailand we are fortunate enough to have a number ofRead More


Bricks and Mortar or Investment Funds??

Which should I invest in?? This question has been asked for many years now, I have heard the story for the last 27 years whilst working in Financial Services. What can be said is that both have their own advantages and disadvantages, we will look at some of those points in this article and continueRead More


Obtaining essential healthcare cover when an Expat in Thailand

Health insurance is one of the few things in life that we would be foolish not to take out. Many people are under the illusion that health care in Thailand is cheap and to a certain degree that would be correct if you stayed in one of the Government hospitals. In reality very few ofRead More



FOR SECURITY REASONS WE HAVE MODIFIED THE PRODUCT NAME OF THE KEYS INVOLVED IN THIS ARTICLE AND  WILL REFER TO THEM AS ‘Z KEYS’ A Z keys is a specially crafted tool that corresponds with a specific lock brand and type.  The number of ridges on the key must be equivalent to the number ofRead More