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Darkside Shopping Centres – How will they affect the area?

There is little doubt that East Pattaya, or the Darkside as it is often referred to, is one of the most popular places in Pattaya to live for expatriates.  The area has almost everything including restaurants, bars, doctors and of course shops but one thing is missing – a shopping centre.  With quite literally tensRead More

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Pattaya Real Estate – Turning into a buyer’s market?

With the drastic downturn in the value of the ruble there are now some obvious bargain properties to be found in Pattaya. Many Russian expats are looking to leave Thailand this year, especially those that rely on income from Russia and business is not good for Russian touristic companies and real estate agents selling toRead More

Has Pattaya become a Parent?

Is it just me or has Pattaya moved on from its pure adolescent teenage years of getting blind drunk and flirting with the ladies and matured into a caring parent? Maybe my analogy isn’t that clear, so let me explain. For all you long term expats reading you may relate better to this articles message,Read More

How the Chinese May Impact on Golfing and Real Estate in Pattaya

How the Chinese May Impact on Golfing  and Real Estate in Pattaya For a couple of years analysts have been predicting the increasing growth of middle classes in India and China will positively impact on tourism in Thailand, and this all appears to be coming true. 15 years ago some 500,000 Chinese tourists visited Thailand,Read More

The effect of the percentage change in green areas in condo developments

Some condo developments have doubled their green areas in their developments from 5% to 10% due to recent changes in condo development legislation. This will affect both the developer and potential buyer in several ways, some negative and some positive. Firstly let’s look at this from the developer’s point of view. An increase in greenRead More

How to increase the value of your property

Some simple and proven techniques, when employed, will enable you to increase the value of your property and even help you to sell it more quickly. Here are 10 top tips from Paradise City Properties Pattaya;   1./ Build a loft conversion – This is a tried and tested way to add value to yourRead More

Dining out in Pattaya

One of the main attractions of moving to Pattaya is good food! Pattaya is blessed with many fine restaurants, some of which are extremely affordable. Every type of cuisine imaginable is available here in this rapidly developing city. If you like a section of good foreign food, whilst your Thai partner wants to eat moreRead More